The Launch: Day One&Two

After getting off the plane in Dublin it felt like forever until we finally reached city center. Oh wait, that’s because it was. Our first struggle was locating the luggage hold that my two suitcases, filled with all that I’d need for the semester, were to live for the next two days. After that was accomplished we ran into or first public transportation challenge, but out of it we got a pretty sweet deal on a two day pass for the Dublin city buses and a hop-on-hop-off tour. We felt like we were livin’ it up then.


River Liffey

River Liffey


We got our first taste of hostel life, and for the little we paid for that place I was pretty impressed. It was located practically on O’Connell street, so we were pretty close to all the touristy action and all the Temple Bar area action. On top of our hop-on-hop-off tour we did our own DIY tours around the city center. One of those tours ended with being serenaded by an Irish man and his guitar on the River Liffey looking to pick up some extra change to buys his mate a drink (one of our favorite highlights). By the end of it, we were feeling pretty comfortable with the city and public transportation. Well, as comfortable as two American girls can get in two days.

Here are some photos of the city and its beautiful and charming architecture:

image                   image                 image                   image


Aside from being serenaded, our favorite time in Dublin was actually spent outside of the city. We took the DART to Greystones and spent several hours combing the beach, sitting on the rock ledges and feeding the birds our leftover fish and chips from this awesome take-away place. It was also here I discovered my love for Ferrero rocher icecream. I could just eat buckets of that stuff. In the next few posts my love for icecream everywhere we went is going to become more and more evident.

And here is our proof we explored the beautiful Greystone rocky shore:

image                   IMG_20140819_142426584_HDR                 IMG_20140819_144723727_HDR                   IMG_20140819_145124183       IMG_20140819_151303433                IMG_20140819_151639383

And here are just some shots of other things we ran across in Dublin: 


  Pirate ship on the Liffey

Potato famine memorial

Potato famine memorial

I highly recommend going to see both these sights close to each other on the Liffey.  Well, I recommend going and spending way more time in Dublin and checking out almost every square inch.  This potato famine memorial and the one located in St. Stephens Green are both very moving pieces of art.  And the pirate ship, it was just awesome to go see.



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