A Fleeting Baker’s Fortnight

So the mad dash is coming to a standstill. Well, not quite. I still have semester abroad to go and Nadya has to return home. But our train-bus-airplane-hostel-tram-hopping whilst carrying all our belongings for two weeks on our backs is pretty much complete. We’ve become the queens of multimode transportation, in other languages as well.

We’ll just say I don’t have many regrets from this trip except that I wish I learned more German before leaving and won the lottery. Otherwise that’s about it. 

So thus far I’ve managed, whenever we encounter brief interactions with WiFi, to update social media with a few pictures. And I’ve neglected this blog, primarily due to the lack of time factor. (Of course internet access for free when I need it could have made one or two posts more possible.) So here is what I plan to do… Make a post for each place we went and all the fabulous photos we managed to take.  So keep your eye out… I’ll try to have them all done relatively soon. But hey, give a girl a break. I’m going to be starting school in another country here in a few days. Today is move in day, by the way- the last day of our fifteen day trek (Fortnight+one day= a baker’s fortnight. Yes, I thought I was clever too). We still have one cliff walk left to do then the clean clothes from my stored suitcases will be more than greatly appreciated. And by cliff walk I mean literally, it’s a walk on the cliffs. Don’t be alarmed, they aren’t nearly as steep as the ones we walked yesterday.




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